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Angell, an online store with premium clothing, offers dresses made of the highest quality fabrics -Italian, French and Dutch. Among our products you will find varied styles that beautifully emphasize each type of woman silhouette, hide the weak points and make you feel extraordinary. Thanks to the original designs and non-mass character of production, you can be sure that you will stand out from the crowd.

Dresses are an inseparable element of a woman's wardrobe. A woman should have both elegant, formal styles that prove themselves at weddings, parties, business meetings and more casual-style dress cuts - for work, for a date, for a party or simply for everyday wear.

According to Rachel Roy, an American designer who made dresses for women like Michelle Obama and Penélope Cruz:

A great dress can make you remember what is beautiful about life.

... And we agree with that statement. Dress tailored specifically to your silhouette will make you feel outstanding and confident. If you want to underline your waist, choose a flared dress. To emphasize the legs, consider the dress with an asymmetrical cut, and if you want to feel comfortable, think of an oversize dress. 

Ruffle dresses

Ruffle in dresses will add you grace and will also add girlish charm to your outfit. That kind of dresses are acceptable in every situation. Ruffles are used in both elegant cuts and boho style dresses. The most popular are dresses with ruffles  used at the a bottom part - they are recommended especially to ladies with a pear silhouette - but ruffless are also used in other parts, for example as a decoration of sleeves or on the shoulders.

Silk dresses

Delicate silk is one of the most noble and valued fabric used in the production of clothing. It draws attention with its flowing, delicate structure and is used in particular for sewing elegant, formal dresses. Silk dresses are an absolute must have for the summer. Thanks to the specificity of the material, even a simple cut will look great.

Silk is a high quality - it is a skin-friendly material, pleasant to the touch and extremely durable, which will serve for a long time. Often, silk is hand-dyed, which makes it easy to achieve unusally original patterns.